Training Services

Dog Trainer in Tucson Arizona shakes paw

Joyce is a retired school teacher that has trained animals for over 30 years. She offers one on one classes tailored to fit both your schedule and your budget. Services are currently available in the Tucson Metro area only, and on a limited basis. (See availability below)


Manners– Stop your dog from pulling, and other annoying habits (ignoring commands, grabbing the leash, jumping, etc)
AKC Obedience/Rally– Want to try titling your dog? Joyce will provide training and ringside support throughout your endeavor.
Basic Handling for the Show Ring– Getting ready to show your dog? Learn the basics of stacking and gaiting, plus tips and tricks.
Conditioning– If you are serious about winning in the ring, your dog MUST be in shape. Joyce and our super-powered golf cart will make it happen



Currently accepting new students


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